Dredge Yard continues the expansion to Turkey with Dredge Yard Makina

27th of January, 2013 Bookmark and Share
Dredge Yard, dedicated to the engineering, consulting and the production of dredging equipment and dredging technology, today has announced the opening of its new production line facility in The Republic of Turkey.

This is part of the Dredge Yard’s expansion plan for the production and assembly of several dredging components like ball joints, pumps, valves, turning glands, bow couplings and a lot of other dredging equipment needed for the dredgers and dredge pipe lines.

The new production facilities are managed by Dredge Yard’s subsidiary Dredge Yard Makina San. Tic. LTD.ŞTI recently registered in The Republic of Turkey.
Dredge Yard Makina San. Tic. LTD.ŞTI is located in the city Izmit of Kocaeli, surrounded by an industrial area including for heavy steel industry.

Dredge Yard Makina in collaboration with its partners in Turkey will be utilized for the production, assembly and quality control of all dredge components, using latest casting and machining technologies.
As part of the development of the new production facilities, Dredge Yard Makina has acquired special equipment to enhance its capability for higher production rate.

These new facilities will allow Dredge Yard to accommodate the rapidly growing demand of dredge related products with a high ratio of reliability and value for money.
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Iulia Yousef
Dredge Yard supplies several dredging components needed for the dredgers and dredge pipe lines. These dredge components are designed by Dredge Yard and produced in co-operation with partners having high quality manufacturing facilities. Dredge Yard delivers Ball joint, Suction mouth, Pipe pieces, Turning gland, Dredge bucket, Gate valve, Drag head, Quick release coupling, Bow coupling, Dredge pump, Bearing block, Double walled pump, Submersible pump unit, Cutter head, Cutter teeth, Cutter bearing and drive, Jet nozzle, Discharge pipes, Inspection piece, Wire sheaves, Swivel bend, Sliding piece, Rubber Hose, Non-return valve, Anchor booms, Hopper overflow, Bottom doors, Suction pipe gantry, Gimble, Dredge Spuds, Spud carrier, Bress valve, Bucket wheel, Dredge winch, Production meter, Suction arm assembly, Booster stations, Cutter suction dredgers, Trailing suction hopper dredger, and Split barges