“Boot Camp in Reading Explores 7 Reasons Why Women Fail to Achieve Desired Weight”

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“Boot Camp in Reading Explores 7 Reasons Why Women Fail to Achieve Desired Weight”

Boot Camp coach, Ryan Phillips has identified seven top reasons why women fail to lose weight. The Reading based coach, personal trainer and weight loss expert came to the following conclusions during his seven years of observation into women's behaviour in trying to achieve their desired weight.

In the UK, 50% of new gym members quit within the first 3 months of joining. The statistics suggest that people are either not getting the results they are hoping for or seem to be losing motivation and interest fairly quickly.

According to Ryan Phillips, these findings can be attributed to seven common reasons why weight loss goals are difficult to achieve or maintain:

• Variety
• Intensity
• Nutrition
• Motivation
• Goals
• Testing and Measuring
• Support

In most common fitness routines, such as going to the gym there seems to be a lack of variety. The repetition of such routines can quickly result in boredom, killing motivation as well as failing to provide enough varied exercise to continuously progress, as one of Ryan's clients found: "I was apprehensive about joining the boot camp but I knew I had to do something different as although I was going to the gym regularly, I had fallen into a comfortable routine and not losing any weight..." Vijay Mistry.

Such problems can also be vastly attributed to the lack of intensity in a workout as many people find it difficult to push themselves that extra mile, especially after a day at the office. Unlike gym routines, training sessions such as the Boot Camp in Reading ensure women are working at the right intensity and given plenty of variety to their workout. This approach showed much better end results when combined with the right nutrition.

Nutrition is the third reason why women fail to achieve their weight loss goals, as stated by Ryan Phillips: “Exercise alone simply isn't enough - studies have been done to prove this and I've seen it personally with clients over the years, 70-80% of weight loss success comes from diet.” Problems with diet and gym sessions may also occur as the more exercise is done, the more nutrition is required. This can cause confusion as to what kind of diet one should follow. For this reason Ryan ensures his clients are following the right guidelines to achieve their personal goals.

Following on from nutrition, Ryan Phillips found that motivation and clear goal setting are key to successful weight loss. He noticed that motivation tended to be high at the start of weight loss programs, but waned if progress seemed minimal. Furthermore, women were far more likely to fall off the wagon if they didn't set themselves clear targets from the outset. Ryan's findings echo studies showing that structured goal setting increases success rates by as much as 500%.

For this reason the Boot Camp coach ensures that his clients go through a detailed goal setting process, helping them map out a clear path to achieving their individual goals. Stephen Warren, who attended the Boot Camp in Reading said: "For me the boot camp experience is not just about exercise. It's all about looking at your current lifestyle setting yourself goals and working towards them. I am now more conscious about what I eat, what to avoid and how much to take."

The next major factor in successful weight loss was found to be testing and measuring progress. Ryan found that women were far too focused on their scale weight, believing it to be the determining factor to whether progress had been made. However scale weight alone can be very misleading due to various factors such as: time of day, water levels and the menstrual cycle. This means that it is vital to take girth measurements also as to avoid second guessing. By taking these factors into account, it is possible to gauge the actual progress made and make any changes where necessary.

Finally the seventh key element to achieving weight loss goals was found to be support. Ryan Phillips says: “Surrounding yourself with positive like-minded people is hugely powerful when trying to lose weight”. He found that women were in a far better position if they had a support network in place formed by a small group of people likely to be experiencing similar challenges. For this reason joining an online forum or group exercise class, such as Ryan's Boot Camp in Reading can be far more effective than going at it alone.

Ryan Phillips is as a leading expert on health and fitness. During his 7 years as a certified freelance Personal Trainer and Fat Loss Coach Ryan has helped hundreds of clients to transform their bodies and regain control of their health.

Along with his 1:1 Personal Training and Boot Camps in Reading, Ryan runs an online coaching program – The 90 Day Boot Camp Challenge. He has also developed his own “Fat Loss System for Success” taking a holistic approach to weight loss.

Ryan holds full status on the European Register of Exercise Professionals (eREPs), the National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT) and holds full Public Liability Insurance.

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Most common reasons why people fail to reach weight loss goals revealed by Reading Boot Camp Coach