Deck your walls and floors in style this Winter at the Surface January SALE

24th of December, 2012 Bookmark and Share
On 11th January 2013, leading retailer Surface gets the New Year off to a great value start by dropping its prices for 3 weeks to offer high quality, design-led porcelain tiles from less than £35.00 per SQM. Shoppers can choose from an inspiring selection of tile, stone and mosaic at the trend-setting Battersea, Islington and Surrey showrooms, including some of the hottest new looks for 2013 on introductory offer with 25% off.

The Value range from Surface is even more keenly priced with 20% off in the Sale. Examples include Eco Logik, a warm porcelain tile that carries a vein of colour through it replicating stones from the Burgundy region of France. Available in three large format sizes and choice of three natural stone colours, this timeless tile is priced at just £34.08 per SQM reduced from £42.60). United Colours is a strikingly simple tile in black or white and choice of four sizes up to the impressively large 799 x 799mm; prices are from £35.47 per SQM (reduced from £44.34).

Porcelain stone is a speciality at Surface, with hard-wearing, timelessly beautiful tiles that faithfully replicate a variety of stones found in nature. Examples in the sale with 30% off include Lavastone in four stunning colours reduced to £38.22 per SQM (from £54.60) and Stone Collection marked down to £34.84 per SQM (from £49.78). Stontech is offered in a wide range of colour tones and sizes to achieve the perfect interior scheme, priced from £57.45 per SQM (down from £82.08) and Magma, a faithful replication of basalt stone, volcanic in look and monolithic in size – 1000 x 500mm and 1000 x 1000mm, represents great value from £66.56 per SQM (reduced from £95.10).

Further inspired choices with 30% off include the timber porcelain tile Selection Oak which, in six organic hues,encapsulates the natural colouration present in oak wood, priced from £73.86 (down from £109.92). Porcelain marble is an ideal way of achieving a classically timeless design with none of the performance issues such as staining and inconsistency of colour experienced with the real material. Nu Travertine is great value in the sale from £40.32 per SQM reduced from £57.60). Some precious materials found in nature are hard to replicate precisely in porcelain; Mother-of-Pearl is one such example where only the real deal will do. It is priced from £14.23 per sheet (from £20.34) in the sale.

Emerging trends for 2013 include ‘timber porcelain’ with even more design variations available ranging from relaxed vintage to onboard yacht chic. A fine example of the latter is Attic Planks with an introductory of 25% off from £66.55 per SQM (price will be from £88.74). A further upcoming trend is ‘patchwork’ illustrated in the latest design by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina called Azulej. This stunning re-interpretation of traditional encaustic flooring (patterned cementitious tiles) but with much higher performance ratings is on introductory offer from £103.50 per SQM (will be £138).‘Texture & Relief’ is another key trend with infinite scope. Exquisite examples with 20% off include Phenomenon from £102 per SQM (from £127.56) with its nature inspired shapes such as the honeycomb and icicle formations from Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka and Raw by Piero Lissoni with a texture which resembles rough-cut pieces of wood, priced from £172.47 (down from £215.59)
Philippa Rae
Surface tiles provide New Year offers on high quality, design-led porcelain tiles from less than £35.00 per SQM. Including most popular new looks for 2013 on starting with 25% off and more on other stunning tiles...