Aderma®, Health Service Innovations - Is British Manufacturing Dead?

3rd of March, 2011 Bookmark and Share
The British manufacturing sector employs more people than the financial services sector and is the 6th largest manufacturer in the world. Safe to say it is not dead, but quite the opposite.

Doubts of its performance however may evolve from the changes it has undergone over the last 30 years. No longer a ‘muscle’ job, but one of knowledge which requires a high set of skills given that 75% of British Manufacturing now relies strongly on Research & Development. In the competitive industry that is the 21st century, British Manufacturing works on a principle of identifying and fulfilling market niches through innovation whilst working alongside high valued supply chains, which couldn't be more apparent than in the NHS.

The National Health Service in 2010 was the 3rd largest organisation in the world. The NHS Supply Chain, compiled of innovative products that demonstrate the significant benefits in terms of value, efficiency and patient care, in 2009 launched a scheme which recognises the importance, encourages and supports innovation in the medical sector.

In partnership with the NHS National Innovation Centre, the Supply Chain launched the “innovation scorecard”. This encourages health service suppliers to register their innovative products in return for contract consideration.

Emma Tandy, NHS Supply Chain’s Innovation lead, discusses the innovation scorecard further:-

“Innovation in the NHS is vital.
Delivering a new product from bench to bedside however can taken anything between 3—5 years.
Through the innovation scorecard we support suppliers in bringing their products to market which benefits all participating parties.”

Although Aderma®, didn't enter the market this way it does rely strongly on Research & Development and in 2010 won the Nursing Times platinum award for innovation in wound care and pressure ulcer prevention.

Aderma® is manufactured in the UK and the range was designed following a UK nurse-led innovation. FPD Medical Ltd are continuously committed to investing in the UK health market and focus all their efforts on identifying niches and improving existing products, as a result their product portfolio consist of products that offer both significant benefits to patients and users, Aderma is available on the NHS Supply Chain and has been proven to deliver a cost effective solution to preventing pressure ulcers and holds patient care at the heart of the brand.

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Rebecca Silvers
Marketing Assistant at FPD Medical