Cover Story: Kindle Reading Light at great value for £13.50

25th of February, 2011 Bookmark and Share
The Kindle has been an Amazon Bestseller now for as many months as it has been available, with the sleek design, fantastic practicality and eco friendliness laying foundations to what seems to be the future of reading. However currently they haven’t incorporated a light into the design, effectively plaguing it with the same problem as a book, it can’t be read in the dark.

As soon as this problem was realised a series of reading lights popped up and I have been reviewing them and concluded that the best one can be found at - it is practical and affordable with a robust gooseneck. The clip on is padded as to not scratch your Kindle and the light is capable of lasting 100,000 hours. 1 user noted that the batteries have lasted well over a month with everyday use. Comes in 3 colours, white, silver and black.

Get your Kindle Reading Light here for just £13.50

Herewith a few Amazon reviews if you are not convinced yet:

“I purchased this after my Kindle however I should have just bought the lighted case when I bought the Kindle. But this light has ended up being a very good buy, as fits well with the Kindle and has great flexible movement. Batteries have been excellent have been used since start of December and are only just fading now after daily use and replacing them seems easy enough. You just replace them by sliding the clip open.
Thoroughly recommended. “ 5 Amazon Stars

“Originally I purchased this Kindle reading Light from Amazon for my son but I managed to sneak it off him and I have been using it for myself instead of reading paperback and hardback books. I like it because you don’t have to turn a main light on and you can be discreet, so am now looking for other ways to incorporate it into my reading. The reading screen on a Kindle is great so doesn’t leave many chances to use it except for when its night time or very dim.”
5 Amazon Stars

“A wonderful little light for reading that’s manoeuvrable. Suitable for DX Kindle as well (bigger). Wont strain your eyes, I use PC all day at work and this doesn’t add to strain, however it is bright enough to read in dark rooms or dimly light places. LED looks likely to last and seems robust, and would think this would be excellent for physical books as well.” 5 Amazon Stars
Kindle Reading Light
Jo Pearse
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