Winter Adventure & Discovery

25th of February, 2011 Bookmark and Share
There are few things that can help to energize you and free you from your winter burrow than to take advantage of sports opportunities in the great outdoors. When you're well-equipped, wrapped up in the best outdoor clothing, the cold seasons are transformed into a place of adventure and exploration, a place of limitless experience. In your choice of outdoor activities there is plenty to take advantage from, and always something to surprise you and lead you down new trails.
With record snows in the UK this year, don't be led instinctively to thoughts of the Alps when considering your skiing and snowboarding opportunities; once again this year, Scotland's Cairngorm Mountain is attracting the international winter sport community with its flawless runs and perfect powder. Located in the Cairngorms National Park, it's also a great destination for combining with hiking, giving you access to some of the most breathtaking natural scenery of the Scottish Highlands.
If it's speed and adrenaline you're after in your outdoor pursuits, you might've already tried winter mountain biking. If not, there's little to prepare you for the fun (and mud) waiting to be plunged into. With the UK having no definite 'summer' mountain bike season, winter trails can be found in almost every corner of the British Isles, with generally excellent local bike hire locations at the most beloved routes.
Hiking is perhaps the most basic but purest of all outdoor winter pursuits, for sheer contact with the natural surroundings alone. The rugged but staggering beauty of the coasts, the frozen wilds of the woodland, and the otherworldly quietude of the higher reaches give scope for experiencing the land transformed by the cold. What's more, for many hiking routes, a pair of boots, some warm outdoor clothing and a few other essentials are all you need; the rest you'll achieve by your footsteps alone, an immensely rewarding experience.
Especially in the northern extremes of the British Isles, winter provides the perfect opportunity to explore the limits of outdoor living. The mountaineering courses yearly on offer in the UK's alpine regions give you a chance to take your outdoor skills to the very next level. It's a world away from the Sunday ramble to the pub, but putting practical outdoor skills to the test is where enthusiasts find out what they're made of, and go beyond their own imagined limits.
Whether it be an invigorating day's hiking or a week spent carving the slopes, get to grips with outdoor pursuits on offer through the winter period, and bring your adventurous side early out of its hibernation.
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