BT Envelopes and Bags enters the dropship market

24th of February, 2011 Bookmark and Share
The initiative follows a period of consultation with customers and reflects developments in the market over recent years.

BT Envelopes and Bags General Manager, John Poolman, comments: “We are one of the first in the UK to introduce a customisable e-commerce solution for our customers and released a more advanced solution with full online ordering, but it’s become increasingly apparent that our customers need greater support on carriage charges to maximise their web sales. As with many of our more progressive initiatives, the decision to reduce our direct delivery rates to such an extent has come as a direct result of consultation with and feedback from our customers.”

BT Envelopes and Bags specialises in distribution to independent retailers and small to medium resellers, and believes that the model for retailers has changed over the last few years, with more and more reliance on web sales for a proportion of sales.

Poolman states: “As the spending cuts, the hike in VAT, petrol prices and inflation start to really bite this year, consumers will be looking increasingly for two things from retailers: customer care, service and advice on a local level, and cheap hassle-free supply via the internet. Our customers already excel in local advice and service, and our reduced direct-ship rates help them to win more online business through competitive pricing.”

The new rate is effective immediately and is a flat rate for UK mainland deliveries for customers.

Poolman Continued that “BT Envelopes and Bags are specialists in bespoke polythene mailing solutions and we are currently working around the clock to innovate a web-based quoting system for bespoke envelopes and as soon as we have made the breakthrough we will immediately submit a supporting press release.”

He then re-iterated that dropship sales of bespoke products can still be done along the normal channels and that their friendly sales team will gladly assist their customers.
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