Cloudiply. Get up to 90% discounts on great offers and a chance for you to make money too!

23rd of February, 2011 Bookmark and Share is the latest internet service to hit the UK by storm. Users can receive discounts of up to 90% on a wide range of products and services such as top restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cinema tickets and much more. With Cloudiply users don’t just enjoy great discounts, find new and exciting places to go and fun things to do; they can also receive financial rewards for every purchase a friend makes! This can be spent anywhere and anyhow. Therefore, with Cloudiply, not only do you and your friends make exceptional savings, you can also receive significant financial rewards.

Importantly, users choose which types of deals they are interested in so they are never bombarded with deals they don’t want (something some other discount services are renowned for!).
Registration is very simple and absolutely free. It takes two seconds and here is what to do:

1. Visit
2. Click “Register your interest”.
3. A box will appear where you have two choices:
a. Register via Facebook. This is the quickest and simplest method.
b. Complete the simple form.

You will receive an email with your personal referral URL to send to your friends. You should then invite friends to also join Cloudiply by clicking this special link, which will instantly assign them to your network. Users with a significant number of friends will be assigned “Angel” status. These users will be eligible to receive financial rewards for every offer purchased by their friends and are also in the running for an even larger financial reward at the end of each month.

Cloudiply is linked through the two biggest social networking services, Facebook and Twitter. As a vast number of people use these two social networks daily, it will be easy for users to locate the discounts and know what is ‘up for grabs’ Once the system goes live. This also makes it simple for users to join your network as all they have to do is click your unique referral link (perhaps posted on your status or sent via a message) and register as normal.

Cloudiply is currently inviting users to preregister and take part in closed beta testing before going live to the public. Any users registering now will have exclusive access to Cloudiply before anyone else and are able to start building their friends networks in preparation for the system going live. Sign up today to be part of the new way to share, purchase and gain from top discounts on products and services that people actually want!
Edona-Lisa Haxa
An intern at Cloudiply.