Cover Story: Leather Kindle Lighted Cover at great value for £17.95

22nd of February, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Since the launch of the Kindle a many month sago its popularity has soared. It offered a great alternative to buying the book as you simply downloaded each novel when and where you wanted providing you were in signal range or wi-fi depending on which model you chose. Very quickly people started to pick up on its only flaw, which was that it couldn’t be read in the dark or in dimly lit rooms, making it impossible to read before you go to bed or in night trains for example. This was a big problem as you can imagine. However, designers and manufacturers quickly provided well-designed sleeves with lights included to supply the demand that was quickly rising.

There are a couple of lighted sleeves of note available on Amazon, the first is a very slick leather sleeve with retractable light that ticks all the boxes for the suave mobile reader, however is priced rather steeply at £59.99, which is over half as expensive as the Kindle itself. Not proportionately priced I think you will agree. Secondly however was a very similar product which ticked the very same boxes as a sleek and slender kindle sleeve with a detachable light instead of retractable light, but priced much more competitively at £17.95, just over a tenth of the cost of the product itself. Far more reasonable.

This model's popularity has soared on the back of its great value for money and we recommend this as the perfect way to accessorize and make your Kindle more practical.

Kindle Lighted Cover ( has a great range of colours available at great value.
Get a Lighted Cover for Your Kindle here for the great value price of £17.95

The Amazon reviews below only cement this as the best value option on the market at the moment.
“This is perfect for sitting in bed and the lights fantastic, the lighted case is a great thing to have.” Amazon 5 Stars
“I loved the stunning deep red colour so was really happy with that when it arrived. The light is great and its really good for reading in the dark, and the kindle is quite hard to mount in but that’s cool because it means it isn’t coming out easily either. Its really firm, and slender, just what I wanted.” Amazon 5 Stars
“I have been on the hunt for a lighted cover to add to my Kindle to complete it as it doesn’t come with one, however I would think that they will include that in the next upgrade, when I stumbled across this smart little device. The kindle is protected from all around with this sleeve and a great screen protector. I felt this was great value as it was about the same price as a reading light normally costs but included the leather cover/case so am thrilled. I checked out the reviews of the ones that were more expensive as I only have a limited budget to spend and I am really happy I went with my initial instincts and bought this. The LED strength is great and although sometimes it can reflect it is easy to put right – you just adjust the angle of the Kindle very slightly. I love the way you can detach the light and put it in any corner or side. The sleeve is sturdy and really handy for holding notes or screen dusters etc. Great buy thoroughly recommended especially as free P&P.;” Amazon 5 Stars

Kindle Lighted Cover
Jo Pearse
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