Aderma®, nurse-led innovations - listening to people whose opinions matter.

21st of February, 2011 Bookmark and Share
In November of 2010 Aderma® was pronounced Nursing Times platinum winners for innovations in wound care and pressure ulcer prevention. The Nursing Times awards were set up to recognise and reward the products that are transforming patient care and helping healthcare professionals work more efficiently.

Many of the comments Aderma® received focused on its ease of use, simplicity and effectiveness. The heritage of those product benefits can be traced back to its early days where nurses and key opinion leaders were asked to help identify the needed product range which resulted in it being designed around a nurse-led innovation.

The amount of knowledge and experience these professionals have to offer is not to be ignored and listening to the opinion of those people can lead to the simple changes the NHS is in need of. In relation to pressure ulcers, the stripping down of the complexity of preventing and treating this condition resembles Aderma®’s product ethos and an approach which was applied in the ’early days’, where the incidence of pressure damage was not as common as present day.

CEO Dr Craig Barson comments on why the core of FPD Medical involves listening to people whose opinions matter:-

“No matter how good something is it can always be improved by listening to someone who has more knowledge.
In relation to Aderma® this could not be more true.
We knew the initial product had potential, however by listening to healthcare professionals and designing the product around their needs Aderma®, now not only has great potential, but the product is that good it simply can not be ignored.
Frontline nurse-led innovations are key in this line of work as these are the people who work closest to patients and understand their needs.”

Aderma® is proven to be an effective pressure ulcer prevention device which is renowned for its simplicity and ease of use and has led to the high compliance the range receives from nursing staff. Fully supported through education, Aderma®, with an introduction of nationalised standardisation of use, could save the NHS £1.7bn annually.

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Rebecca Silvers
Marketing Assistant at FPD Medical Ltd