Doing what no-one had imagined.

18th of February, 2011 Bookmark and Share
With the great strides made in nano-technology and a better understanding of pathologies, specialists in textiles and medicine have shown that bio-functionality is possible in the production of textiles specifically in the area of dermatology.
As textiles interact with the skin very intensively the micro-organisms of the skin can be influenced by them, and vice-versa. The current interest in bio-functional textiles is thus focused on their use for therapy and prevention in dermatology.
The textiles of the future and indeed with us now will be woven with transporter molecules known as cyclodextrines, capable of absorbing substances from the skin and freeing therapeutic composites or cosmetics to the skin.
At the forefront of this work is New Textiles of Portugal. New Textiles is a spin off from the University of Minho Portugal. New Textiles have developed an outstanding range of therapeutic garments in association with Hospital De Sao Marco Braga, University Minho and leading dermatologist Dr A. Sousa Basto.

The first product range is SKINTOSKIN®. This brand offers never seen before levels of relief and treatment to Eczema sufferers with out the use of corticosteroids, chemical compounds but using a textile made from cotton, brown seaweed algae and silver.
offered products:
- Baby grows;
- Underpants;
- Socks;
- Ankle socks;
- Long socks;
- Leggings;
- Pyjamas;
- Undershirts;
- Bra – prevention of dermatitis in the folds between and below the breasts, due to its powerful anti-fungal action on Candida type fungus. Bio-functional textiles are breaking new and exciting ground with applications emerging to help chronic skin condition sufferers, Humidity management and body temperature control for senior citizens; Gloves, which are effective in resolution of contact dermatitis (currently undergoing clinical trials); Anti-insect clothing; Occlusive suit for occlusive treatment of psoriasis;
The therapeutic effects of these garments are not diminished by washing; the wearer can enjoy an unrestricted life with the constant application of therapy. The active effects remain far beyond 100 washing cycles. All medical and durability results are clinically tested and proven.
This technology holds great promise for all peoples of the world and is at the very forefront of human scientific development.
Innovation can be defined as experimentation, development, imitation and adoption of new products or processes and new techniques for development and marketing. Innovation does not have to be something completely new, but it must be something substantially improved. Seeing what everyone sees, reading what everyone reads, hearing what everyone hears, innovation means…….
Doing what no-one had imagined.
If this is of interest and you wish to know more I would be happy to supply all and any information on this subject. The ethos of all involved in this project is to be open sharing the benefits this work can provide people with.
Best regards Graham.

Graham Lea
Sales and Marketing manager specialising in new and innovative products.