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17th of February, 2011 Bookmark and Share

Of all the wheels from game show history, this must be the most celebrated! Wheel of Fortune Hollywood online slots game is based on the hit US game show of the same title. The longest-running syndicated game show that the US has ever seen, Wheel of Fortune has in fact been running since 1975. The gameplay is based around a big wheel split into segments with prizes on each section.

Spin when you're winning

Wheel of Fortune Hollywood has classic slots game rules combined with some of the game show's characteristics. With the main game spanning five paylines and five reels, lots of the motifs will be recognisable to viewers of the game show. Look out for any Wild or Bonus Jackpot icons, but the jewellery, gold ingots and classic fruit symbols are potential earners too.

In the top left of the slots screen you'll spot a Bonus Jackpot scale. The levels on the chart build up each time you get a matching Bonus Jackpot symbol on the reels. The amounts you accumulate can in fact appear on the wheel should you trigger the bonus round. Collect a trio of bonus symbols across the first three reels to activate the bonus round.

What goes around, comes around!

In the bonus, you are presented with the renowned Wheel of Fortune wheel, split into different sections. Quite simply, you win the cash amount you land on when you spin that wheel! Will you take the money and run, or choose to try another spin? If you spin again, four segments (including your winning one) become a bankrupt symbol. If you end up on one of these, you give up all your well-earned winnings!

If you do end up bankrupt due to spinning the wheel, you can use one last opportunity to profit from the bonus round - the Double or Nothing wheel. You can double the consolation prize you are offered, or lose it all on the wheel.

Wheel of Fortune Hollywood is this week's Kerching Game of the Week, thanks to its exciting gameplay based on a historic game show and some brilliant features that could lead you to some top payouts.

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