Aderma®, leading pressure area care product joins the largest microblogging site Twitter

16th of February, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Twitter allows for many businesses and brands like FPD Medical Ltd and Aderma® to communicate to a mass audience and encourages interaction between business 2 business, business 2 consumer(s) and consumer 2 consumer.

Aderma® is an effective pressure ulcer prevention device which has proven it could save the NHS £1.7bn annually through an introduction of national standardization of use. Due to the fundamental nature of pressure ulcers it is crucial patients receive treatment as quickly and efficiently as possible. Through Twitter, Aderma® users can interact with FPD Medical and any questions or queries regarding the Aderma® range or pressure ulcers in general can be answered in ‘real time’. This could inevitably reduce the chances of seeing the formation of a pressure ulcer whilst at the same time allowing for a mass audience to communicate to one point at any given time.

Microblogging is a relatively new concept and allows for users to exchange small elements of content. Aderma® encourages its market to join in discussions, share best practice, educate one another and uncover new depths of knowledge hopefully resulting in better quality of care and patient safety.

Twitter is a vital technology allowing every business interaction to be documented, scrutinised, discussed or applauded, much like a product review twitter allows for a complete businesses or brand to be reviewed, which from a new customers point of view is a very handy tool to have,

Twitter is also a great advertising tool as it allows for ‘followers’ to be kept informed regarding Aderma®’s exhibition appearances, new product launches and successes / awards. Twitter also boasts the technology to be able to link press releases to ‘tweets’ as well as sending automated emails regarding free Newsletter subscriptions.

In all, social and microblogging are becoming an increasingly important communicational tool, listed above are the key points as to why you should ‘follow’ Aderma® on Twitter, we encourage you to identify an ample reason as to why you shouldn't and ‘re-tweet’ it to this press release by searching

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Rebecca Silvers
Marketing Assistant at FPD Medical