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‘When I snap my fingers, you will awaken and become a hypnotist’s assistant…...

Its perhaps not the usual line a job candidate would expect to hear at an interview but for applicants for a position advertised on a unique website offering ad hoc work opportunities for university students it marked one of the most unusual offerings since the service was launched.

Hypnotist Ingrid Adiva turned to the UsefulStudents.com website in a bid to resolve her search for an assistant to help in her stage act. She quickly received replies from students tempted by a job that was definitely ‘out of the ordinary.’

The jobsite set up by brothers Andrew and Mike Howes was established to provide a wide array of one-off, short term jobs for students to earn money whilst at university. Leeds-based ‘Mind Mistress’ Adiva heard of the service through a friend and thought it offered a quick and easy way to find a new assistant whose roles include bringing volunteers to the stage, helping with their trance induction and handling props involved in the act.

Andrew Howes, operations director of www.usefulstudents.com, said: “This is the first job of this kind to be posted on our site and it demonstrates just how broad the spectrum of short term employment opportunities can be for the students. We are confident there is a job on the Useful Students site to suit everyone.”

Adiva said: “I was extremely happy with the service, it was really simple to use and I was impressed with the quality of the applicants. I would most certainly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.”

Leeds University philosophy student Xanthi Barker was accepted for the hypnotist assistant role, she said: “Studying philosophy has made me fascinated with questions about the mind and so I'm really looking forward to finding out more and to going on stage as my new persona - Odette de Verre.”

Adiva describes the act to be different in conception from all hypnotists' shows, with a unique level of audience involvement: “This special show has more raw power handled in a truly creative and feminine way than anyone else can offer. There is a further twist to this show which makes it totally unique in the world of entertainment, but you will have to come see it to that find out.”

UsefulStudents.com has already attracted more than 12,500 students nationwide to register to its service and seen over 11,000 job postings since its launch in October 2010. The jobsite, now present in 22 university cities estimates that students applying for temporary jobs via the site have earned a total of more than £100,000 in wages.

The website is completely free to use for both the students and job providers, who can either be commercial businesses or individual home owners. Jobs that are posted on the site range from unskilled labouring and gardening to skilled tutoring or coaching. The more unusual jobs posted have included mud wrestlers and bouncy castle attendants.

Mike Howes, commercial director of www.usefulstudents.com adds: “We believe that the service is providing employers from all sectors with a pool of highly qualified and committed temporary workers and at the same time enabling students to earn some extra income while gaining valuable experience in whatever sector that may be in.”

Since its successful launch, UsefulStudents.com has partnered with Milkround.com in a deal set to benefit the 2,400,000 students currently at university including around 450,000 set to graduate next summer. Students registering with UsefulStudents.com will also be able to sign up for regular updates on graduate jobs and internships matched to their career ambitions from Milkround.com. The partnership aims to help students prepare to embark on careers after graduation while also helping them to find occasional work while still at university.

You can see Ingrid Adiva – The Mind Mistress act on 17th of February at The Viaduct Showbar, Leeds. For further information please visit www.facebook.com/ingridadiva
Rachael Hunter
UsefulStudents.com is an original and innovative website matching students seeking occasional work to suit their academic timetables and interests, with businesses and individuals at home offering casual or one-off jobs.