Domestic Cleaning Services and Commercial Cleaning Services

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First Cleaning Solutions provides domestic cleaning services such as:
Wiping surfaces
Cleaning bathrooms, toilets and kitchens.

Also we offer insurance to all our domestic cleaners for damage and injury. Our Public Liability Insurance Limit is £1,000,000 and our Employers Liability Insurance Limit is £10,000,000

We are insured for the following:

Damage To The Property Being Worked Upon
Treatment Risks
Failure to Secure a Client’s Premises
Misuse of Client’s Telephone
When you call us asking for a quote, we will be happy to discuss with you details of our domestic cleaning services. With painstaking attention to tailor a comprehensive service to your quote, First Cleaning Solutions will try to have a promptly response to your calls of any kind.

We will treat every (potential) client as a distinctive person with distinctive needs and not as a coldly and simply reference number in a numerical computer/software system.

Once the client is clarified with what we can do, and you want to get on board with us, the next step is to offer you our domestic cleaner selected by First Cleaning Solutions team. The domestic cleaner will be informed about you and will be sent to your place to have an interview/chat to set up details of our domestic cleaner’s work. These details could be: the time schedule of cleaner’s visit, the list of Do’s for every visit in which the cleaner will work accordingly to this list from top to bottom, etc.

With this occasion, the client has the chance to observe if the domestic cleaner is suitable or not. To help you more with this, First Cleaning Solutions will offer you the first visit of our domestic cleaner’s service free of agency fee. All you have to pay is her/his trial visit (work). If you are happy with our domestic cleaner after this trial, then we will send you our Standing Order Form to start pay the monthly agency fee payment. And if you are not happy, there is no problem as we will send you another domestic cleaner to be interviewed by you.

As a gesture of our commitment and professionalism, before commencing even the free trial you will receive our Contract of which you will send it back via post filled in and signed. As well, in this free trial, our domestic cleaner will be insured by First Cleaning Solutions. All our cleaner are insured by us. In event of holidays or sickness of our domestic cleaner, if you request, we have the capability to offer you a replacement. The same situation will apply in case you don’t desire anymore our domestic cleaner or the cleaner wants to leave.

The cleaner will use your materials and equipment. It is only depending on you the range of chemicals (cleaning products) to be used, as we recommend basics: window spray, polish spray, bathroom cleaner spray, toilet cleaner spray, kitchen cleaner spray. The same thing is with the equipment. Our domestic cleaner only needs a vacuum cleaner, an iron, a pair of gloves, dust cloths, mop with bucket. All these, needs to be easily accessed by the cleaner on every visit. Also, the electrical equipment must be in good condition of use.
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We are operating in the following main cities: Birmingham Blackpool Brighton Bristol Cambridge Cardiff Chelmsford Cheltenham Chester Colchester Derby Exeter Gloucester Grimsby Hull Ipswich Leeds Leicester Lincoln Liverpool Luton London Manchester Mansfield Middlesbrough Milton Keynes Newcastle upon Tyne Northampton Norwich Oxford Peterborough Preston Reading Rugby Sheffield Solihull Southampton Southport Stoke-on-Trent Swansea Swindon Telford Worcester York