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12th of February, 2011 Bookmark and Share

Truthful as much of it may be, social media marketing seems to attract a lot of hype and hyperbole. But is it truly a revolution in digital marketing, as so many commentators claim?

Word of mouth taken to the next level

Marketeers for hundreds of years have been aware that the most effective form of marketing is by word of mouth. For instance, imagine you heard that a BMW was more reliable than a Mercedes, direct from the mouth of a trusted and clued-up friend. No matter how snazzy the TV campaign was, its influence on your opinion will be nothing compared to this conversation. But how could a business that needs to sell millions of units in hundreds of locations every day harness that power? Social media, used wisely, could be the answer.

Early in 2008, Juice's founders realised the huge potential of emerging social media marketing techniques. Simply tacking social media marketing onto an existing service just wasn't sufficient, as they noticed many agencies were just paying lip-service to it. To stay ahead of this expanding marketing medium, they knew it would be necessary to live and breathe the subject by forming a specialist social media agency.

As a result, Juice Digital burst into the digital world and has, in a short space of time, become a leading UK agency. More than 15 renowned brands have entrusted Juice with their social media strategies, and it's now a segment of the Tangerine PR group.

Why Juice succeeds

Juice's mission statement is short and succinct: "We make companies digitally famous." We action the latest social media marketing techniques to push companies towards their targets. In order to recommend the most effective campaigns for our clients, we work very hard to monitor all the current and future trends in social media usage.

Of course, don’t just take our word for it. Have a browse round our website, look at some case studies, read the Juice blogs, follow us on Twitter, ask previous clients, Google us – or you could always drop in for a coffee!

Marcus Miles
Marcus Miles writes on behalf of theEword for several websites including Juice Digital, a social media marketing agency based in Manchester.