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10th of February, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Leading specialist data storage, backup and high availability solutions provider Cristie Data Ltd has announced it has been awarded the Buying Solutions Framework Agreement Contracts for Data Storage Consultancy and Digital Archiving Solutions.

The Data Storage Consultancy framework agreement will enable Cristie to offer a range of services including data storage health-checks, archiving assessments, capacity planning and performance and security reviews. As part of the Digital Archiving Solutions agreement Cristie will also offer a range of products including file/email archiving, Medical (PACS) archiving, and content addressable storage.

These services are offered alongside bespoke services, tailored to customer requirements, centred around Digital Continuity and offering advice around storage tiering, compliance, retention and protection.

“A key requirement of the these agreements has been the need to understand public sector drivers behind archival of data, legislation, governance and also the IT benefits archiving can bring to an organisation” said Ryan Smith, Sales Manager at Cristie Data. “The role of Buying Solutions is to maximise the value for money obtained by Government departments and other public bodies through the procurement and supply of goods and services. These procurement arrangements allow public sector organisations to save time and money and it is this Digital Continuity Framework that facilitates the purchase of non-commodity hardware and software.”

About Buying Solutions
Buying Solutions is the national procurement partner for all UK public services and is part of the Efficiency and Reform Group within the Cabinet Office. Buying Solutions is the largest of over 40 Professional Buying Organisations (PBO) in the wider public sector. As the only PBO with a legal remit to trade across the whole of UK public services, Buying Solutions is the smart choice for public sector procurement, enabling organisations to deliver improved value for money and efficiency. It facilitates the buying process in a vast and highly complex marketplace, providing access to over 500,000 products and services through more than 1,500 suppliers. These cover a range of areas such as ICT, Energy, Travel, Fleet, Office Solutions, Property Solutions and Professional Services. The diverse customer base spans the biggest central government departments, NHS Trusts and local councils, through to the smallest schools

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About Cristie
Cristie Data Limited provides innovative, leading edge data storage & management solutions across all sectors of industry, both private and public sector. They are a true vendor independent storage integrator, specialising in innovative, technically superior storage solutions that augment and improve infrastructures, save cost and deliver significant business value.
Cristie’s key differentiator in this industry is their understanding of the market technology and their ability to integrate solutions to meet demanding business needs, on time and within budget.

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