English Is Not Enough

28th of August, 2012 Bookmark and Share
The number of students who took French fell five percent since 2011, highlighting a decline of one third since 2000. The number of students taking Spanish also fell sharply, despite a recent resurgence in the subjects popularity.

Taking a foreign language became optional for GCSE and A Level students for the first time in 2004, something which is now being questioned by exam boards. They believe that employers and higher education institutions need to push the need for these subjects more. So just why is a foreign language so desirable?

Landing a job has never been harder than in the current climate. One way to improve your chances is by having a second language at your disposal. It opens up opportunities, particularly in the business and international relations sector. It also gives a better understanding of different cultures, and shows that you are life curious. A gap year is something becoming more popular with young people, a second language means you can take up casual or teaching work abroad and earn some money as you travel.

Olympic Heptathlete Louise Hazel recently spoke out about the importance of foreign languages. Whilst training for 2012, she attended Birmingham University to study French, which she feels gave her wider options for when her sporting career was over. This kind of mentality is what is needed to revive the flagging numbers of students taking a foreign language.

London based school UIC Languages are a language specialist school among those institutions looking to encourage young people to consider their courses. They run a range of English courses for foreign students as well as classes in a variety of foreign languages. Whether you are a parent looking for a French summer school for your child, or just looking for an evening Arabic course to land you your dream job, UIC will have something for you.

About UIC
UIC was founded in 1997 and gained British Council Accreditation in 1999. Its principals are that fun enhances learning, and it always strives to make it’s courses enjoyable and accessible. It offers an wide range of English courses for all ages, as well as an extensive foreign languages department. For more information on the courses available click here.

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