Accovia strengthens its international strategy

7th of February, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Paris, 07.02.11 – The ITB trade show, the world’s premier travel event, will take place from March 9th – 13th 2011 in Berlin, and is without a doubt one of the highlights of the year for tourism industry professionals. Every year over a five day period, the trade show is a definitive meeting place for around 180,000 visitors, and more than 11,000 exhibitors from 186 different countries. Accovia aims to speed up its international development by taking advantage of this extensive event to present its two new, innovative solutions: Lexo and Hubiz RM.

Accovia is at the heart of solving the challenges faced by tourism professionals…

Founded over 25 years ago, Accovia has offices in both Canada and France, and offers advanced IT solutions to tourism professionals. For the past four years, Accovia has been developing two innovative solutions, which have required the equivalent of 300 person-years. The company is revolutionising the travel production and distribution with Lexo, a rules-engine-based system allowing the dynamic and creative assembly of several travel components, and Hubiz RM, a revenue optimization and decision-making tool. With leading companies such as Pierre & Vacances and Club Med already using its new solutions, Accovia is reinforcing its role as an important partner who is able to deliver innovations specifically designed to meet the needs of tourism players.

… and is expanding into new markets

Having strengthened its position as market leader in France and Canada, Accovia is now aiming to break into new markets. Supported by its new and innovative solutions, Accovia today possesses two indisputable assets that will enable it to expand its business worldwide. The Lexo and Hubiz RM solutions are flexible and perfectly suited to the challenges faced by the worldwide travel actors. Within the framework of its expansion, Accovia is primarily targeting Europe as well as developing countries with strong growth potential, such as India, China and Brazil. By participating at the ITB trade show, Accovia is hoping to reach a new milestone by presenting its solutions to an international tourism audience.

"Our new solutions, Lexo and Hubiz RM, are powerful added-value responses to the challenges and needs of the world’s tourism professionals. We are confident in our potential for international expansion. The ITB tradeshow is one of the first steps in our growth strategy to enter new markets,” states Patrick Bleu, Vice-President Marketing and Product Strategy and Managing Director of Accovia France.

Lexo and Hubiz RM: new generation solutions for tourism professionals

With Lexo and Hubiz RM, Accovia is completely transforming the way in which trips are planned and even thought, above and beyond just technological innovation.
Until now, package pricing and creation were limited by technological constraints: the addition of new tour components required numerous IT developments. Today, thanks to Accovia’s solutions, marketing teams can unleash their creativity to think up and design the future tour packages with virtually no restriction.

Lexo: A New Era in Travel Packaging

For the very first time, a rules engine is at the very heart of a reservations software package. This fully novel product is, to date, the only one on the market which makes both dynamic pricing and dynamic packaging possible. It took Accovia’s team more than four years (and over 150 person-years) to develop this tool, which radically changes the way in which travel packages are designed and sold today. With Lexo, packages are created simply through the definition and expression of business rules which make it possible to generate thousands of offers tailored to each client or sales channel, or adapted according to other criteria. With Lexo we can, for example, generate specific offers based on such considerations as the client’s location, the client’s contribution, the amount spent by the client the previous year, and even the weather if you want. The criteria applied are limited only by marketers’ imagination.

Today, Lexo lets travel professionals stand out from the crowd by expanding their service offer, creating original and customized packages, and developing promotions extremely easily and almost instantly.

Hubiz Revenue Management: Selling Quality Product at the Best Price though Industry Analysis

Developed in partnership with Mereo, a company specialised in revenue optimisation, Hubiz RM is an intelligent tool used for strategic decision-making. With a complete analysis of companies’ activities, Hubiz RM enables tourism professionals to optimise their gross turnover and net revenue. By setting-up ready-to-use indicators, key activities can be monitored and better managed: inventory management, forecasting and recommendation, client and product profitability assessment, costing, etc. An estimated 2%-7% of revenue increase results from the analysis of all this data.

Trista Schneberger