Divorce vouchers for Valentines day from London's leading family law firm

3rd of February, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Lloyd Platt & Co have announced the availability of pre-nup gift vouchers for Valentine’s day. The vouchers which cost £300 including VAT allow the recipient one hour of legal advice about the topic of pre and postnuptial agreements. These also represent another innovative addition to the firm’s highly successful divorce vouchers.
Lloyd Platt & Co is well known and highly regarded as a specialist divorce and family law practice based in London. The firm is known for a pragmatic , no-nonsense and realistic approach to matrimonial issues, yet clients often describe that the firm’s lawyers are down to earth and empathetic in dealing with them during their matrimonial cases .
Divorce, family law and prenuptial agreements are a fact of life and dealing with these issues in an open way can have beneficial effects.
Vanessa Lloyd Platt, who regularly appears on television and radio, has commented, “there are a huge variety of circumstances in which it is perfectly normal and helpful for a couple contemplating marriage to have a prenuptial agreement in place. Raising the issue of such an agreement should not be considered as indicating mistrust but can allow two people to set out clearly what will happen in the event that the marriage comes to an end. The advice that we give is on the advisability of having a Prenup in their individual tailored circumstances, whether a Prenup that has been presented to them is fair and reasonable, or the advisability of a postnuptial agreement to reflect what the parties want. Sometimes agreeing matters before marriage can avoid dispute and legal costs at a later stage. We find it perfectly acceptable to take out insurance for a future event that may or may not happen, and Prenup vouchers are another such entity”.
Under English law, the validity and importance of prenuptial agreements appears to be changing. In a well known and landmark case of Granatino, which was heard in October 2010 in the Supreme Court of England & Wales the Judges recognised that great weight should be given to a prenuptial agreement which was drawn up abroad. A Consultation Paper has now been issued by the Royal Commission on all aspects relating to prenuptial agreements. Their general recommendations are that assets that have been acquired prior to the marriage or inherited wealth ought to be able to be the made the subject matter of binding prenuptial agreements.
Mrs Lloyd Platt believes that prenups have their place in today’s modern society but does not believe that they are appropriate for all couples or in all circumstances and hence the reason why careful approach must be taken to them.
For further details about prenuptial advice vouchers, divorce advice vouchers or divorce, family law and cohabitation law generally, please contact Lloyd Platt & Co on 0208 343 2998 or by email at info@divorcesolicitors.com .
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Vanessa Lloyd Platt is a highly regarded and well known divorce and family law solicitor in London.