Dew Resistant Sheeting - Aiding Safety On The Road and Streamlining Installation

10th of July, 2012 Bookmark and Share
Advanced dew resistant sheeting from Rennicks UK utilises the latest in technology to enhance night time visibility for road users - even during periods of dew formation.

Rennicks UK has worked with its supplier Nippon Carbide Industries (NCI) to develop the state-of-the-art Nikkalite® Dewtect DT142-S dew resistant sheeting, to combat dew formation and allow normal retroreflectivity to occur.

Dewtect has a unique surface formulation and eliminates the need to wash off surface protection during installation, reducing installation time and costs.

This means the sign arrives on site without the need to wash off the surface once the sign is in-situ - avoiding associated safety issues and planning.

Dr Iain Borthwick, managing director of Rennicks UK, which has its headquarters in Runcorn, Cheshire, said: “The ability to install Dewtect signs without the additional washing down process during installation provides major benefits for our clients.

“When dew forms on traffic signs at night, it can reduce the reflective properties to such an extent that signs appear to ‘black out,’ making them illegible to motorists.

“Dewtect dew resistant sheeting works by attracting water droplets together to form a membrane across the surface of the sheeting, allowing normal retroreflectivity to occur.
“This water membrane also performs a double duty, washing away most surface contaminants as water runs down making each sign self-cleaning, with the hydrophilic surface coating and rain fall acting to loosen and remove surface contamination, including carbon deposits.”
The effective performance life of Dewtect-S is seven years for signs installed in the UK, after which Dewtect-S signs continue to perform with a reducing ability to resist the effects of dew formation and reverting to a standard retroreflective sign with a warranted life of up to 12 years.


Notes to Editors

With more than 25 years’ experience, Rennicks UK is at the forefront of sign technology and design.

Rennicks UK is part of Rennicks Group, which also includes MTS, the premier provider of signage/mobile traffic solutions

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Customers include local authorities, the Highways Agency and the emergency services.

Rennicks UK also offers a sign printing service.

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