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21st of January, 2011 Bookmark and Share
It was only about two weeks ago that was released to the public. The focus was on 'Surviving Life and Travel'. Now the new and improved website is more focused on the creators' (Jeevan Lim-Nunez) 'dream-child' First Action Self Defense.

Although the aesthetics are the same (upon a quick glance you can easily mistake it for the original site), many changes have been made, and are still in progress. The main change is the categories and of course the general focus. The by-line which used to read 'Surviving Life and Travel' now reads 'Prepare – Escape – Survive', and, according to Jeevan,

“... this (Prepare – Escape – Survive) is more like the philosophy of First Action Self Defense. The by-line should actually read 'Much More than Fighting'. I just haven't gotten around to changing the logo yet.”

The above statement is reflected in the website. The categories are split to reflect this philosophy, and cover subjects in all aspects of 'Self Defense' including people skills, escape and evasion,survival, mind, nutrition, exercise, first aid, defense against animal attack, what to do in disaster situations and of course, self defense techniques.

So why the big change? Jeevan had this to say about it...

“Although I enjoy many things, First Action Self Defense is one of my true passions and although I love travel at the moment, how am I to know that in 10 or 20 years I wont get sick of it. I've already been doing martial arts for 20 years, and have been developing, self training and teaching First Action Self Defense for the past 8 years (only teaching for 3 or so) so I know I'll never lose my passion for that...and besides that, from a business perspective, it is much better to focus on a niche”

The affiliate shop is also getting a makeover but is still fully functional. Jeevan hopes for First Action Martial Arts products to be live by the end of the month so he can finally start to write the much anticipated First Action Self Defense Training Manuals. (The affiliate shop can be found at
When asked for a reason why he was creating First Action Self Defense, Mr Lim-Nunez stated

“First Action Self Defense is about much for than physical fighting, which is what most people think of when they hear the words self defense. It covers a much larger scope of self defense such as people skills, escape, health aspects, guarding yourself against animal attack, and other survival tactics, which, in my mind, are all pertinent to self defense. It has been created as a place for people like yourself to learn and/or share knowledge about self defense and all its related subjects.”

You can view the new focus of First Action Self Defense at
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