King Edward VII’s Hospital provides dedicated allergy clinic

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25th June 2012: King Edward VII’s Hospital is reporting a 25% rise in people seeking treatment for hayfever in the lead-up to summer, and many of these patients are becoming tolerant of pollen thanks to a new treatment. King Edward VII’s Hospital is one of the few in London with a specialist allergy clinic, led by Consultant Allergist Dr Runa Ali.
Dr Ali says a new tablet containing components of grass pollen, which is the allergen that most commonly causes hayfever, is one of the most effective solutions, however many sufferers are not aware that this treatment exists.
“Patients no longer need to come into the hospital once a week for injections to fight hay fever. Instead they just need to take one tablet a day. After just one month hayfever symptoms will start to be alleviated, and after three years symptoms are markedly reduced, to the point that sufferers may only need occasional anti-histamines on high pollen count days,” says Dr Ali.
“A lot of GPs aren’t aware of this new treatment and so they don’t recommend it to people who could really benefit.” says Dr Ali.
“Patients spend hundreds of pounds ever year just trying to supress the symptoms of hayfever but this treatment is a way of finally being free from the allergy itself,” says Dr Ali.
People who are allergic to cats, dogs, dust and other airborne allergens are also visiting the allergy clinic at King Edward VII’s Hospital. Dr Ali prescribes a liquid solution which is simply squirted underneath the tongue to change the immune system and end allergic reactions.
John Lofthouse, Chief Executive at King Edward VII’s Hospital, says “Allergies can really impact upon quality of life, which is why King Edward VII’s Hospital is committed to offering treatment through our allergy clinic. We are delighted to have outstanding consultants like Dr Ali working with us to offer the most effective new treatments to our patients.”
Andrew McLachlan
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