Mobile game development all set to embrace the power of marvelous Unity 4

22nd of June, 2012 Bookmark and Share
Earlier this week unity announced version 4 of its popular game engine. It is all set to have a new animation technology, support for DirectX 11, support for Linux platform and many more features. Unity is widely used by developers to create games for platforms like iOS, android, consoles, PC etc. It is a very powerful platform that produces visually stunning games and now with the introduction of Unity 4, the bar has been raised even further.

Unity 4 will level the playing field between small and large studios. With the introduction of Unity 4, indie developers can create revolutionary games and effortlessly port it to various platforms, within their budgets.

Unity 4 integrates the new animation tool, Mecanim, which they had acquired last year. It is a very high-end character animation system. With the help of Mecanim, the animation process is super quick. The characters made in Unity 4 are having fluidity and natural motion. Developers will be having wide range of tools at their disposal to create amazing looking games super quick. Mecanim’s solidity and power, combined with fresh optimizations, guarantees smooth runtime performance.
Until recently Unity did not support the Linux platform. It was one of the most requested features from the users and now it’s available in Unity 4. Linux standalone publishing will be offered to all Unity desktop users at no extra cost.

One of the major changes has been the addition of the support for DirectX 11. Game developers can utilize complex shaders with shader model 5.0 and tessellation helps to add amazing details to the 3D assets of the game. Unity 4 has added support for Flash. So developers can create new games or take existing games and publish it to Adobe Flash Player.

“Unity has proved to be a great tool for the game developers by being intuitive and flexible development platform. Now with the introduction of Unity 4, they can leverage its amazingly powerful features and scale new heights “, says Mr. Jayneel, Director of Openxcell Technolabs. Openxcell are the pioneers in mobile game development. They have successfully deployed more than 50 mobile games in the market place. They have been using Unity since long and have mastered the game development process.
Jayneel Patel
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