CereProc opens its CereVoice Cloud software-as-a-service to the public

18th of June, 2012 Bookmark and Share
Speech synthesis technology company CereProc has launched its powerful text-to-speech (TTS) CereVoice Cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) into public beta, providing developers needing speech output, fast and easy access to the advanced CereVoice TTS engine on any platform.

CereProc’s cloud based service enables application developers to integrate speech into their applications without having to install a TTS engine, keeping implementation costs and integration time to a minimum for a quality TTS system.

CereProc’s objective with this service is to increase accessibility to state-of-the-art text to speech (TTS) software via SOAP and REST web service APIs. The CereVoice Cloud service is compatible with platforms that do not allow native development – such as Windows Phone 7 – in addition to providing low-powered internet-connected devices that lack the capability of running a powerful text to speech (TTS) engine with the opportunity of integrating text to speech (TTS) output.

Since being founded in 2005, CereProc has recognised the rapid growth of the digitally enabled landscape – and the areas for potential growth into new markets that result from such growth. This latest expansion by CereProc into the software-as-a-service (SaaS) sector, illustrates the company’s dynamic approach to operations, and demonstrates CereProc’s on-going commitment to pioneering the delivery of cost-effective text to speech (TTS) technology solutions for applications.

“We’re extremely excited about launching the CereVoice Cloud service to users. It is a perfect environment for application developers who want to use text to speech (TTS) to enhance their applications appeal, but may have been put off by the cost of existing TTS systems or a lack of TTS experience.

“In addition, a SaaS offers an ideal solution for developers wishing to try out CereProc’s voices before they integrate our other speech technologies with their applications. Now everyone with an interest in CereProc’s system has a simple and extremely cost-effective way of trying out our technology,” explained Dr. Matthew Aylett, Chief Technical Officer at CereProc.
Having integrated additional advanced functionality – such as phonetic output for driving animation, and 3D audio – CereProc ensures that developers using the software-as-a-service model are able to use virtually any programming language, on any platform, to generate sophisticated text to speech (TTS) output.

Set to disrupt the speech technology market through its aggressive pricing structure for a quality synthetic speech system, CereProc’s cloud service is set to encourage developers – SMEs and independents in particular – to support operations through the application of text to speech (TTS) tools by making implementing CereVoice TTS as straightforward for developers as possible.
Offering a transparent, yet powerful and effective service that can be used in wide range of applications from customer service to productivity tools – from genuinely interactive chat bots and enhanced animation tools, to improved notification applications or increasing the accessibility to a website through assisted web page reading functions, the service harnesses the power of CereProc’s speech synthesis technology according to users’ needs.

“Many of the users of the system are experienced application developers across Europe and the US, who have provided extensive feedback which has already been fed into the service. We believe that users know what they want from systems they work with, and will continue to develop the CereVoice Cloud. We aim to enhance the quality and usability of the service, while simultaneously driving down costs of integration and implementation of the voice software.

“While we would still recommend the use of native TTS to ensure predictable speed of response for certain applications such as screen reading or IVR, we believe the CereVoice Cloud will prove extremely valuable for many users – whether as a backup or stand-alone service – and we’re very much looking forward to seeing the range of innovative applications that will result,” Aylett concluded.

With further exploration of multi-channel projects planned for the coming months – including interactive voice demonstrations and voice cloning services – CereProc continues to drive the speech technology industry forward by expanding and adding value to its existing multi-channel cServer product by harnessing emerging technologies, tools and platforms.
Iain S. Bruce
About CereProc Since 2005, industry leading text-to-speech (TTS) technology company, CereProc, has been developing voice software and speech synthesis systems that deliver voices with character, emotion and personality. With patented Emotional Speech Synthesis technology that is available on multiple platforms, CereProc offers the world’s most advanced TTS technology. Continually pushing market boundaries to expand its product range and service areas, CereProc works with a raft of global clients - individuals, consumer facing brands, businesses and academic institutions - to create synthetic text to speech solutions that are fit for purpose. Designed to provide an engaging user experience, CereProc delivers realistic, emotional, custom built voices in multiple languages. Animated film creation revolutionised by toolkit developed by Fanchinima AB, CereProc, and KTH collaboration