17th of January, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Following international creative agency BDA’s award winning re-brand of the ITV News, BDA were asked to work with leading commercial terrestial channel VTM to re-brand their flagship news service ‘Het Nieuws’.
BDA has a long-standing relationship with the leading commercial terrestrial channel VTM in Belgium and together with their Creative Director, Lieven van Overbeke, have developed several channel branding identities across the VMMa portfolio, as well as consulting on effective On-Air Promotions strategy.

Says Lieven: “Research told us that Het Nieuws was not respected enough as a news provider. It was seen as too sensationalist and populist. We needed to improve credibility for the news service and communicate that it has the lives of Flemish people at heart.”

‘News that matters to you’

BDA’s Creative Director, Mark Hobbins says: “After positioning Het Nieuws as ‘News that matters to you’, a brand concept based on ‘word clouds’ was developed. ‘Word clouds’ are used across all media to graphically represent interest in a subject, they continually update and change, an interactive barometer of what matters. Our success with ITV News taught us that it is essential for the graphics package and set to work together. Consulting on the sets meant that we were able to create a range of graphic tools that dramatically change the way the news is communicated. The restricted colour palette, type animation and use of imagery all help to position VTM as a serious news provider. Branding a news service is as much about the way the news is presented as it is about the design.”
BDA is the creative agency for global media owners; from broadcasters and entertainment networks to banks and telecommunication companies, our clients number some of the world’s biggest brands. Says Bruce Dunlop, Group Creative Director BDA: “BDA is uniquely positioned as a creative agency to work with news broadcasters. We offer a holistic approach to any news service by ensuring that the brand proposition is reflected in both the sets and the packaging, with our teams of set designers and branding experts under one roof”. We work in every form of communication and deliver on every platform. Channel branding, promotions, set design, integrated campaigns, internal comms: you name it. If it requires a great idea and storytelling flair, we do it.