Take advantage of freemium apps model with pocket friendly mobile app development

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The ‘try before you buy’ model has been existing since a long time. Giving the users a taste of what’s more to come is always a good idea rather than letting them make their own assumptions about the product or service. We all remember taking a cue from sample scoops at the ice cream store before actually buying the ice-cream.

Freemium (free + premium) is a similar model where the application is free but the users can pay for the enhancements in the app. Market research company NPD Group, reported that about 40% of users who played a freemium game had paid for the in-game upgrades and add-ons. One of the trends seen in this model is that a ‘lite’ version is provided initially and then user makes in-app purchase to acquire the full version of the game. The logic behind this kind of model is that a free app is downloaded much more than an app with a price tag. So the access to the actual game is quite more for the user. Once the users find the app to be useful / fun then there is a high chance that they will be more willing to purchase the in game add-ons.

Freemium apps work great for both the publishers as well as the customers. Out of the top 250 apps for iOS, about 85% are free to download. Their revenue generation is through in-game advertising and the virtual goods purchases. Statistics provided by Juniper Research show that the revenue generation from in-app purchases will shoot from $2.1 billion to @4.8 billion in the time span of 2011 to 2016.

“Freemium model does not guarantee success. If the user does not like the functionality / features, then they will not purchase the in-game content. Outsourcing the development of freemium apps to the experienced developer is a great way to balance the risk. Clients get quality work at pocket friendly rates”, says Mr. Jayneel, Director of Openxcell Technolabs. Openxcell are the pioneers in mobile app development market. They have successfully deployed more than 200 mobile apps in the market place. Leveraging such expertise can prove quite lucrative for the publishers.

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Jayneel Patel
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