Exclusive: All about the GD-PI round from Prof. Ajay Singh of IIM-L

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The CAT 2010 results are now out and the MBA aspirants now readying themselves for the next round of the admissions process. The next round, which is the GD, PI and Essay Writing, is going to be the most crucial as it will make or break your chances of gaining entry into a top B-school.
To help you prepare perfectly for these rounds MBAUniverse.com brings to you advice from Prof. Ajay Singh, Chairman MDP & Corporate Interaction Committee of IIM Lucknow (Noida Campus). Prof. Singh shared with MBAUniverse.com the ways for cracking the GD, PI round and what exactly do the IIMs look for in a candidate.
“First I want to tell you that we do not reject or accept a candidate during the interview round and the GD round. We just give marks, which are all added in the final marks for the candidate,” said Prof. Singh.
“For the interview round you can never guess what will the faculty ask, so you should be well prepared for the interview. You should brush up your subject knowledge and read newspapers. You should be prepared to answer questions on your college books,” added Prof. Singh.
Prof. Singh also shared with MBAUniverse.com some important DOs and Don’ts for the GD round. “See, normally candidates think that if they talk too much they will look smart, but you will look negative after a certain point of time,” suggested Prof. Singh.
Some other important points to be followed during the GD round are as follows:
-- You should take care of the following positive points during the GD round: exhibit proper thinking, show that you are group person, give chance to others, don’t shout, don’t be aggressive, be polite.
-- If you feel nervousness, then you should not worry. IIMs don’t cut any marks for nervousness!
-- You might be very good in speaking English, but that will not count. The GD panel will look for your wisdom and your ability to think out of the box.
-- Another important point is that you should look perfectly natural. Your coaching institute may have taught you certain way of talking, but you should try to be natural.
-- Think before you speak
Stay tuned to MBAUniverse.com for more expert advice for the GD-PI round!
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