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8th of January, 2011 Bookmark and Share
Founder and Director of 1click2cook.com, Gill Levett was interviewed by several BBC radio teams this week about her innovative website that claims to transform subscribers’ daily cooking drudge into a pleasant money- and time- saving experience.

Gill Levett discussed with each broadcaster how the site manages to revolutionise users’ food shopping and cooking habits by delivering a whole week’s worth of meals to subscribers’ inbox each week. What makes the service unique is that these easy meal ideas are specifically chosen for the user based on a number of preferences, including budget.

Gill told BBC Radio Berkshire: “It takes you 5 minutes to sign up to the site and we do ask you several easy but relevant questions, including budget and time constraints, food dislikes, number of mouths to feed and also and most importantly, how long you have to cook each evening. Your own personal cyber-planner gets to work and hey presto, you get all the meals as well as the detailed shopping list. From there you either go online to shop, or take the list to the supermarket and stick to it!”

There are hundreds of quick and easy recipes on the site and users have described how they can save 30% of their weekly food shop, plus a lot of time planning what they are going to cook each week.

Gill points out that the actual cooking of the meal is quite relaxing, it’s the deciding what to cook that wastes so much time. Shoppers who are unprepared tend to panic when they get to shop, resorting to packet foods rather than the cheap and simple meals needed to save money in these difficult times.

Gill suggests that you take the challenge: “Try the site, which offers a one-month FREE trial and see how much time and money you can save. We at 1click2cook team know many stunned and delighted subscribers of the site who have come to absolutely love cooking their own 30 minute meals!”

At under £2 per week for a subscription, a subscriber can transform the weekly menu selection and save up to £740 a year just by planning the week a little better and only buying what they need – claim or reality?

Sign-up today at http://www.1click2cook.com.

For further information please contact Gill Levett on gill@1click2cook.com. Tel:07879 493912.

Notes to Editors

1click2cook.co.uk is an online subscription service that helps people plan and decide their weekly meals in advance, producing detailed shopping lists every week along with nutritional information and cooking instructions for each of the recommended recipes. Subscription costs £2 a week, with typical savings exceeding £15 a week or £675 a year assuming an average weekly food shopping bill of £50 per week.

Subscribers benefit from healthier meals, lower shopping bills, hugely reduced food waste, increased confidence in the kitchen, new recipes to add to their portfolio and no time wasted wondering what to cook. Menu recommendations are tailored according to budget, ability, dietary preferences, available cooking time and number of portions needed. All suggested meals can be reviewed and if necessary swapped for another, while every meal also comes with detailed nutritional information as well as full cooking instructions and timings.

Gill Levett
Gill is a successful entrepreneur with a background in creating and building new businesses, she's a dynamic motivator with the ability to relate to a wide range of people and to enthuse and empower a team. Skilled in strategic redirection and business development, she achieved Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007 and Best Small Business 2007. Gill has created the 1click2cook.com website because as a full-time mother, she found planning the weekly meals a real drudge. She identified an opportunity to develop a website that would take the hassle out of the weekly shopping and cooking dilemma and save users valuable time and money in this very pressurised environment. Using her wide business experience she put together a great team and together they are building the brand. The site is a perfect tool for this economic climate.