Aderma® - positive results in a before and after ultrasound evaluation

5th of January, 2011 Bookmark and Share
A recent clinical evaluation by the Tissue Viability Consultancy Services Ltd uncovers new ‘depths’ with regards to the use of Aderma® as a preventative pressure ulcer device. The 28 day study took place at a nursing home where 3 residents, all above 85 years of age, were asked to trial the product. Each had existing pressure damage no greater than a category 1; however, prior to the evaluation, all subjects had been identified as being at high / very high risk of pressure damage.

During the first day of the evaluation all subjects were examined for signs of existing pressure damage. Of the 3 subjects, 2 had sacral damage and one had damage on the heel. Before the appropriate Aderma® pad was placed photographs were taken along with a high definition ultrasound scan of the damaged areas and the results were documented.

On day 10 photographs were again taken and on the 28th day the subjects were photographed again, along with an ultrasound scan; all results were documented. The results showed that all 3 subjects had improved tremendously, both visually on and beneath the skin’s surface. The photographs showed a marked improvement with less erythema present, whereas the ultrasound scan also showed a visual improvement in a reduction of noted oedema; these results are common across all 3 subjects.

The evaluation also provided some positive comments from the subjects, who of course were more than happy with the results. The 2 subjects with sacral damage commented that they were “not even aware that they had the Sacral Aderma® pad in situ” and all 3 subjects stated that their comfort levels were greatly improved.

CEO Dr Craig Barson elaborates on his gratification of these results:

“Ultrasound scanning isn't something we have ever done before, so my colleagues and I were very eager to see the results.
We know Aderma® is an excellent product which works in helping to prevent pressure ulcers however we were unaware to what extent it was doing this under the skin, until now.
In my opinion these results are remarkable, they indicate a vast improvement of underlying tissue damage which helps to further clarify Aderma ®as an effective tool in helping to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers.”

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Rebecca Silvers
Marketing Assistant at FPD Medical