Designer Bra Straps Are Becoming A Hot Trend for the New Year thanks to Exposed Envy

5th of January, 2011 Bookmark and Share is offering a full line of designer bra straps that complement any outfit for the New Year fashions. Strapless bras are uncomfortable and plain bra straps can be unattractive says

Often times in the fashion world we are hearing complaints of woman being ashamed of their bra straps, and hiding them at all costs. Now thanks to bra straps are becoming a designer trend. Announcing a full line of designer bra straps and straps for bras to work with any strapless bra and convertible bra. The line consists of clear bra straps, rhinestone bra straps, beaded bra straps, and a full selection of designer bra strap creations.

Each one of the bra straps designed by Exposed Envy is manufactured with top quality and is designed to allow woman to show their bras straps without losing the full functionality of their convertible bra. In the past the only way to expose women’s shoulders in fashion would be to use a support-less strapless bra. Now has opened the door for woman to have full support and top of the line fashion. These clear bra straps are awesome bra accessories.

A change in social fashion has exposed bra straps and showing bra straps has become a current trend. Many people grew up believing this is socially unacceptable, it’s difficult to embrace this liberating yet questionable transformation into what is and isn’t considered decent. The St Louis based company has said “Yes it is okay to show your bra straps and we are going to give you the ability to have glamorous bra straps as well as convertible bra straps at an affordable cost.” From an interview with president and founder Kelly Carroll

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Kelly Carroll
Kelly Carroll is the President and Senior Designer for is the leader in Bra Straps, Clear Bra Straps, and Designer Bra Straps.