Cost effective outsourcing is the best solution during recession

3rd of May, 2012 Bookmark and Share
Enterprises face great difficulties in these situations. Even the cost effective open-source content management solutions seem to be costly for them in this phase. On the other hand, in order to sustain during these difficult situations it is also very important that they use these open sources to efficiently run their firm. Moreover, companies that look for local developers pay a fortune even during these tuff times.

This is the reason why most western IT and non IT firms believe in outsourcing and hiring a dedicated offshore team. Most of the IT firms prefer outsourcing even when the economic situations are not bad. The availability of quality developers at a reasonable rate is the very reason why companies prefer outsourcing. With the presence of companies like OpenXcell, the firms in western countries have been able to take the advantage of the ready infrastructure and talented developers thereby reducing their development cost to about 60%.

Mr. Kalyan, the senior market analyst at OpenXcell says “The IT companies believing in outsourcing and off-shore hiring principles have been able to make over two times of the turn over each year as compared to the firms believing in having an on-shore team”. He added “Even the non IT firms have seen a reduction of 40% in their IT investments when they outsource”.

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Jayneel Patel
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