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21st of December, 2010 Bookmark and Share
Millions of people set their sights on exercising more frequently and toning up their bodies as the new year dawns.

Unfortunately, lots of these new year's resolutions are abandoned after a couple of months for the simple reason that they are not backed by clearly specified goals.

Help is at hand though in the form of; the home of British Swimming, the IoS and The ASA has made available a multitude of resources online.

These resources should enable people to get the maximum out of each day, even when they are unable to visit their local swimming pools.

First up is a handy interactive fitness guide that we have produced in conjunction with the Sunday Times Young Sportswoman of the Year.

Easy-to-follow instructions for a number of different non-swimming workouts – including squats, reverse lunges and pushes – can be found on the Fran Halsall Core Exercise widget, which also features comments made by the athlete herself.

Next up is a comprehensive guide to healthy eating, which sits neatly alongside a Calorie Counter that demonstrates how swimming uses up far more energy than the likes of cycling, walking and running.

In fact, there are many advantages to visiting swimming pools as opposed to getting on a bike or going to local parks.

For example, swimming is great way to work on developing different parts of the body simply because there are so many different strokes out there, including butterfly, front crawl and breaststroke to name but three.

It can also reduce function loss in later life by preventing certain diseases and conditions.
And scientists have proven that it can significantly alleviate feelings of anger, tension and depression in female swimmers.

Go to the Swimfit pages on to learn more about the health benefits involved in swimming regularly, and to set up a tailored exercise regime.

Swimfit offers free registration so sign up now and take that first big step towards keeping that new year's resolution in 2011.

Richard Frost is the home to British Swimming, The ASA and The IoS. Read on to find out more. British Swimming is the National Governing Body for Swimming, Diving, Synchronised Swimming, Water Polo and Open Water in Great Britain. It is responsible internationally for the high performance representation of the sport. On the site you check the latest British Swimming news, results and ranking and much more information across the multiple disciplines.