2010 - the year of the pharmaceutical datamatrix barcode

20th of December, 2010 Bookmark and Share
If you supply a pharmaceutical product into the French or Turkish markets, Rotech can help you comply with CIP-13 legislation for the addition of 2-dimensional barcodes

2011 sees the introduction of the first part of a “Track and Trace” system for pharmaceutical products in certain European markets (notably France and Turkey) where variable data is both printed and also encrypted into a datamatrix bar code. If this affects your business here are three items that you might find useful.

1. A description of the legislation and how it is to be enacted
2. A guide to datamatrix barcoding explaining how it is constructed and how it is verified
3. Some Information to help you actually print the datamatrix barcodes.

Since much of the demand is for marking primary cartons, Rotech are pleased to be able to offer three solutions for this application

1. Online Thermal Inkjet printers for mounting onto an existing cartoner
2. A complete end of line system that includes a code verification and reject system
3. Offline feeding and printing systems for pre-printing of the cartons

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, Rotech can advise on the best solution for your application, the best way to implement it and also how to interpret the verification report to ensure the best possible grade of bar code is produced.

If CIP-13, Datamatrix barcoding, or, indeed, any coding matter is causing you concerm why not give us a call to talk it through?
Chris Baker
Rotech’s coding and marking products and services for the packaging industry are second to none. Our business revolves around three core technologies • hot foil • thermal transfer • thermal inkjet and associated offline overprinting systems.