Jeopardy! sees online slots mixing with game shows

18th of December, 2010 Bookmark and Share

Let's ... Play ... Jeopardy!

Possibly among the most famous game shows ever made, Jeopardy! has been going for over 40 years and has spread throughout the world from its home in the USA. The original show is based on the unique format of contestants being told answers and working out the questions, a change from the traditional 'question/answer' quiz.

Many recognizable features of the original TV show are visible in the online slots reinvention of Jeopardy. Movies, sports, science, music, indeed all the question categories are depicted by icons over five reels. With nine paylines and a maximum bet of five credits per payline, there's the opportunity for some great cash payouts playing Jeopardy! online slots.

The Jeopardy! Bonus

The Jeopardy! bonus is another fun way of increasing your prize. Match three bonus symbols on any payline and you'll initiate the Jeopardy! bonus game. The 30 screens on the special bonus board are reminiscent of the original game show. You get to choose a screen at a time and pocket the sum it reveals – watch out for Daily Double symbols as they multiply everything you win twofold! This round continues until the Final Jeopardy! symbol is chosen.

Take the money and run or stake it all for bigger prizes? It's your choice on Final Jeopardy! Three contestants and one clue are used in this mini game. You are asked to guess who you think will answer the clue correctly - guess right and your Final Jeopardy! jackpot supplements your existing bonus winnings.

For familiar game show design and an astonishing bonus round helping you supercharge your winnings, Jeopardy! is a fantastic choice for this week's Kerching Game of the Week.

Marcus Miles
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