Electric showers are they safe

17th of December, 2010 Bookmark and Share
It seems to be against the laws of common senses to install an electrical device that has enough voltage to kill you in a shower enclosure or over a bath. The wiring regulations do not permit sockets or light switches in a bathroom and insist on steam proof or low voltage lighting so why do they allow an electric shower?
Electric showers are specifically designed to be splash proof, but they are not 100% water proof. An electric shower if properly installed is perfectly safe. It is recommended that an rcd unit should be fitted to the circuit that supplies the shower with electricity. This device will cut the power to the shower if a fault occurs with either the shower or the electric circuit.
Most accidents with electric showers are due to poor fitting, down to inexperienced fitters. Under sized cables is the most common fault, if the cable supply the electric shower is too small, and then there is a possibility that it could overheat and catch fire.
It is advisable to employ the services of a qualified electrician to install your electric shower for you. The electrician will be able to check the earth cables to make sure that they are in place and are the correct size. The earth is very important as it protects you from a potential electric shock and should be checked before you have your electric shower installed. The earth prevents any electrical parts like pipes, taps and radiator’s from becoming live if there is a fault with one of the cables in your home.
Electric showers are perfectly safe if they installed correctly, and will pose no danger if they are fitted by a qualified electrician who follows the wiring regulation guide lines.
Gabriel Allen
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