Privacy Policy is a service which hosts press releases on behalf of our clients. If you submit a press release for distribution through our network, and it meets the guidelines employed by our administrators, your press release will be hosted on the site in full. Any inappropriate submissions will be deleted by our administrators. This will include any personal information which is contained in contact information. When you submit your press release through our system, you agree with our privacy policy and understand that your contact information will be included on the site. does not share sensitive information with third parties. The only time information is shared is when a customer of submits their contact information during press release submission.

It is necessary to register an account with us to track your press release submissions.The information you provide is not shared with third party organisations and is kept confidential. The only time that information is submitted may be given out would be in the event of an investigation by authorities into the company in question. The only information collected is that information which is standard contact information on your press release. uses for secure transactions. Although uses industry standard security encryption, there will always be a small risk for any person performing a credit card transaction on the internet. and parent company Digital Focus Ltd. will not be liable for any misfortune which may occur. Personal information accumulated at the time of registration is stored in a secure database only accessible by an administrator.